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Hometown Flooring Pros is made up of a team of flooring contractors located in Charlotte, North Carolina. They specialize in floor remodeling, refinishing, installation, replacement and repair. They are predominately a hardwood flooring contractor because they feel that hardwood is the best quality for any floor. It can withstand normal wear and tear, which increases its lifespan. For homeowners who already have hardwood floors, you will need refinishing work done on the floor from time to time. Do not try to do this work yourself because it is a momentous task that requires great skill in order to pull it off effectively. The skilled contractors of Hometown Flooring Pros have over 10 years of experience in floor refinishing and have commercial grade tools to make sure a quality job is done.

The company also offers Charlotte bamboo flooring, which is some of the best material you can get. Bamboo is some of the most durable material you can purchase for your flooring. It does not stain and will last longer than other hardwood material. It also provides a unique color pattern and decoration that will make any room in your home shine brightly. Hometown Flooring Pros not only services residential customers, but they will also service commercial property owners as well. Nothing spells out professionalism more than an office or commerce setting with shining hardwood floors made out of bamboo. There aren’t too many businesses that will go out of their way to use bamboo. But it will actually make a difference in the end when it comes to impressing your customers because they don’t normally see bamboo material every day. Most of the bamboo material has to get imported from other countries, which is why it is a little more expensive than traditional hardwood material. However, you will certainly get what you pay for with this material.

When you go to the website you will see all of the main information about the company displayed on the homepage. The top of the page features the phone number of the company in big font. That way, people will clearly know how to call for their free consultation and price estimate. The horizontal navigational bar contains informational links to specific services offered by the company. There are links to hardwood flooring, bamboo, and floor refinishing. There is also a blog link which contains updates and news about the company. And of course, there is an additional contact link which brings you to an email form that allows you to send a message to customer service right through the website.