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The ProEngage Local Advantage

Houston SEO company BBB accredited businesses A+ rating & reviews ProEngage Local is a BBB A+ rated Internet Marketing, Web Design, & Houston SEO Company. You will stand out in a crowd with The ProEngage Local SEO, Website Design, & Social Media Marketing Advantage!

Whether you’re starting from scratch, need an SEO boost, or just a website re-design… Our Local Houston SEO Company will deliver the best results & top of the line quality. All at an affordable price!

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    No contract cost effective local SEO service packages. We know the Houston market & have a proven track record of producing local SEO results fast. Using only white label techniques that are safe & cost effective for any local Houston TX business.

  • Website Design

    ProEngage Local knows how to produce a cost effective website that will turn shoppers into buyers. Our full service monthly website packages make it easy for all local businesses to upgrade their website. And yes when it comes to website design, we do all the work… Nothing from you other then telling us what you want!

  • Digital Marketing Services

    We are a full service digital marketing agency offering local optimized pay per click & social media advertising solutions. Again no long term contract required & every campaign is custom made for your target market.

“We hired ProEngage after working with another company that was not working out. ProEngage optimized our web pages and improved our site. Tyler is knowledgeable and experienced with local SEO and understands the power of online marketing. If you are considering replacing your current SEO, we highly recommend them for the job.”

“Pro Engage set up our company website. It is a great design, they were very easy and pleasant to work with. We are really glad we chose ProEngage for our work. I would highly recommend anyone looking to have a webpage built use them.”

Local BBB A+ Rated Houston SEO Company

As a local BBB A+ Rated Houston SEO company we know how to design and implement a local SEO strategy. Our approach is NOT the tired “do you want to be #1 on Google” sales pitch. Of course you do, but any promise of organic position is impossible to keep & an empty one.

Our sales pitch is do you want to work with a company that specializes in local SEO? Do you want to work with a local Houston SEO company that knows the market, & how to promote a local Houston TX business?

You know Houston is unique, so does it not make sense to choose a local SEO company that can navigate the complexities of the Houston market?

We know the Houston market & have a proven local website optimization approach that is backed up with 20+ years of local digital marketing experience. We do not make promises we can’t keep, & we will deliver the absolute best Houston SEO results for your local business!

What Is The ProEngage Local Advantage?

  • ProEngage Local Advantage - The Name Says It All

    The name says it all… “ProEngage Local Advantage”. Proven local SEO & internet marketing designed specifically for Houston Texas local business. A proven process that will give your local business an advantage.

  • Local Business Internet Marketing Advantage

    At ProEngage we don’t claim to have any secrete SEO formula or a magic wand that will make your phone ring off the hook. But we both know the Houston market is like no other, & we do claim to be the local internet marketing company that knows how to give your business an advantage.

  • Houston SEO Company Right Market, Keywords, & Message

    Again there is no such thing as a secrete SEO sauce, but our local knowledge & local SEO expertise gives us the advantage over every other SEO company in Houston. We will drill down to find the perfect target market, keywords, & messaging needed for a successful local SEO campaign.

  • Deliver What Search Engines & Potential Customers Want

    We take your business seriously & combine hard work & common sense to deliver results. People are looking for what you do, and search engines want to show the most relevant easy to find content. Use our local SEO service to ensure your information is where it needs to be, is being delivered to the right people, & at the right time!

  • No Long Term Contract Local Advantage

    There is more below about how we will never ask you to sign a long term contract & our 4 step local SEO advantage plan, but our recommendation is to first get a baseline of your current internet marketing presence…

Is Your Local Marketing Up To Par - Check Yourself

1. Is Your Online Marketing Resume Up To Date?

Think of your website as your company resume. Does your resume (website) get you the coveted interview when it’s stacked against 100 other resumes? Your potential customers are your interviewers and your resume needs to entice them. Impact should be kept in mind when thinking of the best way to optimize your online marketing. To check how your website ranks against others, do a Google search of your company name including city and state. For example, Tiny Tacos would put “tiny tacos spring tx” in the Google search bar. What is the result of your search?

Houston SEO Company Online Marketing Correct Answers:

If you manage your name, address, and phone number correctly (NAP). You will see what we call must have “off-page” SEO listings. Your logo and business reviews appear in the Google box followed by links to your… Yelp, YP, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages. Other than paid for ads, the entire first page should be links to your web pages on these sites. The first page is the minimum to be effective. If you have NAP consistent and in the right places. The next 3-5 pages should look a lot like the first page. How did you do?

2. Do You Have An Optimized Website That Is Applying For The Right Job?

Are you effectively telling the search engines who you want to see your website? Not only does your website function as your company resume, but it also functions like your company’s novel. The back end code of every website is structured like a book. It has a title, tables of content, and chapters. When you search for a book, you likely browse the title, table of contents, and chapters to see if matches what you are looking for.  Customers do the same with your website.

SEO Optimized Web Design Correct Structure:

To test your web design SEO, go to your website. Right click your mouse or go to “menu” for some browsers. Scroll down and click “view source”. What comes up should make no sense at all.  If it did, why would you be here? To locate the information you need, hold your “control” key down and simultaneously press “F” or “Ctrl F”. In the pop up box, type in the word “title” and hit enter. It should highlight what the title is of that page. Return to the pop up box and type in the word “description” and hit enter. The title and description are the first two things you are telling the search engines you do. Do they match what you think your potential customers are looking for?

3. Is Your Houston Internet Advertising Saying The Right Things?

When you have the right resume and you’re applying for the right job, the next step is the job interview. Although there are many elements that go into the design, structure, navigation, and usability of a website. We will keep it simple for the purpose of the internet advertising check. Interview questions are designed to determine if a candidate is a good match for a job and company.  If an interviewer asks if you can fix widgets and you reply that you like tacos. It’s not going well and the interviewer will likely end the interview. Choosing to continue their search for a more qualified candidate.

Check Your Website Internet Marketing Answers:

Every time someone does a Google search they are looking for something specific. Likewise, with a job interview, you want a good match. If at first glance they see the words, or something similar to the words they typed into search box. They will proceed. If not, they will probably press the back button and try the next listing in the search results. Apply this logic to your website. Your potential customer just did a Google search for “X”. Does your website tell them to stay or go?

4. How Popular Do The Search Engines Think You Are?

We talk to local business owners all the time that passed the first three checks. Yet they still are not getting the results they want. So what is missing? Think about this… During an interview process, companies perform reference checks to verify where candidates have worked. As well as what those companies have to say about a person. Search engines do the same thing. They accomplish this by looking at what websites are sending traffic to your website. When someone puts a link on their website that goes to your website. It is viewed as a “thumbs up” or a “vote” for your website.

Check Your Houston SEO Company Thumbs Up Votes:

The easiest way to do this step is to call us. To check yourself, we recommend you sign up for a Google account. The Google Search Console is the best place to check and monitor your website. There are other tools like Moz Open Site Explorer that you can use. How many quality links do you have pointed to your website?

The ProEngage Local Houston SEO Company Advantage - What We Do

  • 1. Select The Right Digital Marketing Audience

    As a Houston SEO company with 20+ years of local internet marketing experience we know not picking the right digital marketing audience is the #1 SEO mistake. Not targeting the right audience is common mistake everywhere, but in Houston, it can be a killer. ProEngage will find the perfect local target market to help you reach your goals.

  • 2. The Right Messaging & Delivery of That Message

    You have probably heard the term “landing page”. In our opinion this is a term that is overused. Every page on your website should be a landing page. With your homepage being a space shuttle landing strip. We build every page around a targeted geographic area and a keyword phrase. Someone got to that page looking for something specific and they need to know they found it fast!

  • 3. Make Search Engines & Uses Happy

    There are two groups that evaluate your website. Group one consists of the search engines and group two are human visitors. The thing to remember is search engines want humans to like what they find. So they come back to their search platform. Focus on group two… With relevant quality content, easy navigation, fast load time, and all the other buzz words we use.

  • 4. Make You Cool Like Fonzie - Links to Your Website

    Time to get popular! Steps 1, 2, & 3 dressed you up in the cool clothes, shined your shoes, and put you behind the wheel of a smoking hot car. Now go make some friends. Good friends that want to say positive things about you. Your new friends can be other websites, social media platforms, or anywhere on the web. A hot link pointed to your website or a positive mention of your business is a thumbs up!

Houston SEO Company Terminology – The Basics

Every industry has its specialized language. A jargon that resonates with clients. The same applies to SEO keywords. No matter what goods and services you provide, there are key terms for it. People type in specific keywords or phrases. Just think about the combinations. Combinations you might use when looking for any professional service. You might try “SEO Houston”, “Houston SEO”, “Houston SEO Company”, and so on. Just “SEO Texas” would be too vague if you are looking for a local service.

Keyword Marketing

From the previous example, you can see that people will instinctively type in specific keywords. Finding what real people are typing into the Google search bar is the first step. This is the reason it is important to select the right digital marketing company. ProEngage Local Houston SEO Company will implement the best search engine optimization keyword marketing plan.

SEO Services Conversion Rates

ProEngage Local Houston SEO Company will help you get more traffic & convert that traffic to new customers. A good website is like your storefront. It can turn a curious passerby into a visitor. A great SEO services designed website makes your visitors feel welcome & helps them go from shoppers to buyers. Thus a higher conversion rate.

Website Aesthetics

What are website aesthetics? For many visitors, the feel you create on your website is an important deciding factor. You should create a positive user experience by giving your visitors a user-friendly website. A clear web layout keeps your information organized. Being organized enables your visitors to have easy access to all your content. Studies have confirmed this to be true. The better your website looks (aesthetics), the longer you are able to keep them curious and engaged. The more likely they are going to respond to your “call-to-action.

Website Marketing

It is important to hire a website design service that also understands website marketing. No matter how spectacular your web design, your website will also need the right message. That message needs to be clear and precise. When designing a website, ProEngage Local Houston SEO Company accounts for all these factors… Load time, layout, and website responsiveness. Because we want your visitors to be able to access your website on all devices. All our ProEngage Local Houston SEO Company designs are responsive. The websites we design can accommodate not only a typical PC, but also mobile devices.

SEO Consultants

Nothing is more important to your new business efforts than to be able to rank high in search engines. This basically means that you need to focus your efforts on ranking with Google, Yahoo. and Bing. Hiring the best Houston SEO consultant is going to make this possible. An SEO consultant is basically the person that is going to analyze the best information, content, and keywords. Keywords that can be used for your particular niche. This is the kind of investment you should consider a priority.

Hire ProEngage Local Houston SEO Company For Your SEO, Web Design, & Internet Marketing

ProEngage Local will help you outpace your competitors. With one of our smart SEO marketing plans, it can be done. Our Houston SEO experts will help identify the right target areas. We will also help you find the best keywords that accurately reflect your business. We will combine our professional SEO services with rock solid design principles. Your website is going to be attractive to both search engines and humans. Resulting in more traffic and better lead conversion! So call the #1 Houston SEO company today, & ask for the ProEngage Local Advantage!