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Web Design Trends

This is an updated web design trends article from 2017. This updated article looks back on what was happening in the web design world compared to today. Some things remain in place while others, in particular, web fonts and mobile website load times, have gained much steam. So, before moving forward with any website, changes…

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Google’s Page Speed Update

In 2018 Google started using page speed or the time that it takes for your website to load on a mobile device as a ranking factor. In other words, the faster your website loads, the higher it will rank on Google’s search results. In this article, we will show you how to check your mobile…

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Web Designer Homepage Mistakes

Five common mistakes a web designer makes on the “home page.” Your homepage is the first thing your visitors see, so how can you make sure their experience is flawless? Start by reading these five local web design tips on how to optimize your home page web design. And how a great web designer uses…

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Houston Web Design

There is a good reason most local marketing companies that provide web design in Houston use WordPress. First, we live in a world without paper records. Instead, everything from writing a personal letter to conducting a business meeting online. Online and right in the comfort of your office or even the living room. In many…

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SEO Website Design Headline Writing

The race is on; what are you giving to your website visitor in exchange for their time? The answer to this question lies in the headlines you write. Great SEO website design starts with a compelling headline. Do your headlines give people a reason to stay? We will cover three crucial headline writing techniques to…

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Top Houston Website Design Company

Who is the top website design company in Houston? Of course, we have our opinion (it’s us), but this article is about making an outstanding local business website. Is it aesthetics or search engine ranking, because a great looking website that no one sees is useless. In contrast, a website that does not provide a…

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