SEO Website Design - Is Your Headline Secretly Driving Your Readers Away?

Are you tired of seeing a handful of people reading your blog? It’s time to change that by starting with your headlines! A much bigger part of SEO website design then most people think! We all know that writing is something that does not come naturally for everyone. Even the greatest writers you know have had their share of boot camps and fevers of writer’s block.

Writing is not easy, and that’s why we recommend bloggers to not only enhance their blogging skills with consistent practices, but also read more informative blogging materials to further their blogging skills. Blogging skills will help transform your SEO website design skills too.

But what if you’ve done everything you can to write nicely, professionally, and interestingly and still do not see any result? If you are a small business owner who is struggling with your SEO website design, we know exactly what you are talking about. Better yet, we know exactly the solution you need.

The Importance of Headline: A Pro’s SEO Website Design Lesson

When bloggers and SEO companies notice a lack of readership on their newly published post, the immediate response is to tweak the content. Sometimes, it may be as simple as reducing the article length or adding a new paragraph. Other times, it may involve the writer doing more research, spending hours reading about great blogging secrets, and investing days to brainstorm, outline, and draft their next article.

However, in most cases, the content of your blog is not the problem. The problem is your headline, or better known as: the title of your blog post.

Houston SEO services graphic and YouTube video linkIn an interesting article on headline writing, the Founder of Copyblogger, Brian Fisher shared a compelling example of how a brilliant post failed to receive its rightful attention because of its headline. He wrote, “The other day, we published a headline that failed…” Fisher went on to explain how he thought the post would be a great hit but things went south instead.

“It quickly became clear that Sherice’s post was under-performing,” said Fisher, “And I couldn’t figure out why. And then it hit me.”

According to Fisher, the original headline, “Are Your Readers Calling You a Liar?” is the source of the problem. No one likes to be called a liar flat out. Plus, the chance of being called a liar by an online reader (whom you’ve never met) is relatively low. Most people who think you’re a liar will probably never tell you. They simply unsubscribe and stop visiting your site.

Good & Bad Headlines

The headline failed because not many site owners have met readers who’ve actually called them a liar in their face. As a result, many site owners will dismiss the headline as irrelevant with a simple “no”.

After realizing this, Fisher changed the SEO website design headline to: Do Your Readers Secretly Think You’re a liar? Although the headline was fixed, the original post had already been tweeted, emailed, and shared on social media platforms.

That being said, the moral of the story teaches us that your headline is what makes or kills a read. Great internet marketing gets it right the first time, and give your SEO website design the spotlight it deserves.

Writing a Magnetic SEO Website Design Headline

The headline of your SEO website design is the first thing your readers will see. According to HubSpot, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the content. Because headline is what will grab your reader’s attention, most writers spend hours crafting a magnetic headline that will inspire people to click it for more. In fact, headlines are so important that 90% of the advertising dollars are invested in headlines alone, says QuickSprout. For beginners who are trying to learn headline writing, here are 3 tips to steer you to the right direction:

  1. Use Numbers

People are always on the go to learn new things. With life throwing complex situations at our doorsteps, many readers are interested in knowing more than one way to tackle a matter. Headlines like “10 Must-Have’s of a Great Web Design” or “5 Secrets to Regain Control of Your Small Business” are great at informing readers the benefits they will receive as a result of reading the article. As a general rule of thumb, you can always spice up an SEO website design. Doing so with a headline with some interesting adjectives such as effortless, absolute, essential, and etc.

For example, take the title “5 Secrets to Regain Control of Your Business” and change it to “5 Secrets to Effortlessly Regain Control of Your Small Business.” Doesn’t the latter give the headline an extra dash of urgency and interest?

  1. Ask the Why Questions

One thing you want to avoid is to have the readers immediately dismiss your article with a simple, “No.” While you are welcomed to use the Is/Do questions, the Wh-questions challenge readers to pause from their web surfing and think harder and longer. The longer your reader pause at your SEO website design headline, the more likely they are going to get curious enough to click on your content. As one copywriter likes to say, “Too often the headline is the most neglected part of writing an article. People just gloss over it without taking much time to consider it. In their minds, it’s the cherry on top. No, friends; it’s not. The headline is the sundae.” Take your time to write it and give your readers a delicious treat.

  1. Make a Promise

Your readers have a life, a goal to pursuit, and numerous unsolved problems. Weave a promise into your headline so your reader can get something valuable in return for stopping by. As CoSchedule shares, headlines is your silver line to higher readership and lead conversion. A test performed by Upworthy also found that “traffic directed to content on the website could vary by up to 500% because of headlines.”

The race is on. What are you giving to your reader in exchange for their time?

Like an artist that continuously improves his skill through trials and errors, writing attention grabbing headlines is an on-going learning process that cannot be mastered in a single day.

Set time aside to brainstorm for a compelling SEO website design headline next time you plan to write a post. Think of creative ways to grab people’s attention by focusing on bringing solutions that will help your readers to solve a problem, learn a new skill, or perform a job with better efficiency.