SEO Service Packages - Pricing

The ProEngage Local SEO Advantage!

At ProEngage Local we offer 3 SEO Service Packages. All three are for “Local Business SEO”. Starting at $299/mo. our Local Advantage SEO Service Packages deliver the best value in Houston. So, whether your current website needs an SEO boost, or you’re starting from scratch. ProEngage Local is the answer! Because it takes a local SEO company to optimize your website for our complex local market. Below is a general outline for each SEO package, & additional services are listed at the bottom of the page. If this looks like what you were looking for. Then call ProEngage & get The Local Advantage, (832) 857-0065.

Basic SEO


Basic local SEO services for your website.

Flag Errors & Content Check

Scan your website for duplicate content, keywords, & errors.

Meta & Structure Analysis

Check your website for proper SEO structure & meta data.

Local Keyword Research

There is an art & a science to finding the best keywords.

Google+ & Google My Business

Set-up &/or optimize Google+, & Google My Business (weekly posts).

Directories & Citations

Submissions to the best local citations & directories.

In-Bound SEO Link Building

Having the right inbound links is the most important part of SEO.

Best Local SEO


Best local SEO services.

Everything From Basic PKG

Best SEO includes web re-design/content so same services are upgraded.

Prem WordPress SEO Upgrade

Premium WordPress re-design or set up (call for details).

SEO Structure & Internal Linking

SEO website keyword silo set-up & internal linking.

SEO Content Optimization

Optimized web page content for keyword optimization (call for details).

Social Media SEO Integration

Optimized internal & external social media links & optimization.

Royalty Free Optimized Pics

Royalty free images (90mil) & optimize image properties (call for details).

SEO & Content Mktg


Advanced best local SEO & marketing.

Everything From Basic & Best

Everything from our basic & best packages included.

Content MKTG (Blog & Video)

Monthly SEO blog posts & YouTube video quarterly. Both SEO & Social Media optimized.

Optimized Social Media MGMT

Regular relevant content posted on social media.

Professional Custom Audiences With Re-Targeted Advertising

Website re-targeting & custom audiences set-up (call for details).

Houston SEO Service Packages – What You Need To Know

There is a reason you get so many calls about Houston SEO service packages. It is because anyone with a laptop and a cell phone can do it. They can wake up tomorrow, & decide they are a search engine optimization company. And they call, or email, claiming to be an SEO expert. Finally, to make matters worse, many of these “SEO companies” are out of the country. Obviously, this is not what is best for your business. So, how do you know who to trust?

Start with the basics. First off, why would an SEO company be calling, or emailing you? Think about it… SEO is about optimizing your website for inbound marketing. So, one would think, if an SEO company was good at what they do, they would not need to cold call, right? Then, do they even have a website, & are they local? But, be careful when checking this. Because if their website is not a .com, & have https at the front of it. It could be spam, with a corrupt link. And that link could cause damage to your computer. Finally, are they members of any professional organizations like the BBB, & do they have real customer reviews?

The good news is you found your way to our website. Without us calling or emailing! And we have all the things mentioned above. As well as a proven track record & extensive local marketing experience. And, no contract local advantage value pricing! Also, because our experience & knowledge comes from working with some of the largest advertising firms in the country. Finally, we have helped just about every kind of local business you can think of. So, call us and you will be able to tell right away, our SEO service company is different. The ProEngage local advantage (832) 857-0065!

Other ProEngage Local à la carte Options

  • Social Media Set-Up $250

    Professionally set-up (if needed) & optimize profile pages for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Google My Business, YouTube, & Pinterest. Contact us for details.

  • SEO Page & Blog Copy-Writing $100/page

    Depending on your website, the SEO package you select, & the number of keywords you want to target. We often recommend this add on service. Contact us for details.

  • Local Optimized YouTube Video $200

    SEO Optimized YouTube video. Keyword optimized with Professional voice over. See examples on our YouTube Channel & contact us for more details.

  • Ongoing Data Processing $50/mo.

    Most businesses want to track the effectiveness of their SEO campaign in terms of phone calls, emails, & new customers. But if you want to analyze the back-end data yourself, this add on will provide you with the information needed to do so. Contact us for details.

  • Local Internet Advertising Promotion Boost (Custom Quote)

    Launching a new product or service? Or maybe need a seasonal beginning or end boost? We will put our network to work & give you a boost. Contact us for details.