This social media blog post category contains posts related to content marketing and advertising on various social media platforms for local businesses.

Social Media Blog Posts

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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is imperative for your local Houston business in a constantly developing digital world. With the increasing popularity of social media, many companies are investing their time and money into developing an online marketing strategy. Understanding and adhering to the latest trends in digital advertising can drive traffic to your website. Moreover, give…

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Content Marketing Local Digital Marketing

More than 78% of businesses planed to increase their content marketing budget in 2017. This is according to a recent survey by the Construction Marketing Association. Which means they will be producing even more content this year. And why not? It’s an effective yet inexpensive way to market your local business. However, with tons of…

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Social Media Marketing

Not too long ago, SEO agencies focused almost all their time on search engine marketing. Those days are long gone, and Houston internet marketing agencies and local businesses are jumping on the social media marketing train by the thousand. With each passing day, the importance of social media marketing for local companies becomes increasingly essential.

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What Blogging Can Do

Blog is a widely used word. Whether you are online or offline, the word “blog” can pop up in almost any conversation. Does “A blog I’ve been following recently posted X …” sound familiar at all? What about “I have a friend who blogs about…”? The frequency of us using the word “blog” should not…

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Hit or Miss Social Media Marketing

Among all the online marketing methods used today, social media marketing seems to be the least popular. Many marketing experts say that SMM (social media marketing) carries with it too many risks for it to be viable. We think that statement is both right and wrong. If done correctly, SMM can be quite the giver.…

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Social Media Marketing Plan

With so many social media platforms out there, it is both unreasonable and impossible to tackle each platform with the same precision and professionalism. Because each social media platform is different and has their unique marketing style. Twitter, for example, allows you to tweet around 120-130 characters. Pinterest is a great place to share Info-graphics…

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