Houston Social Media Plan

Facebook, Tweeters, LinkedIn, Pinterest… all these are great social media platforms for you to share your thoughts, voice an opinion, and market your goods and services. While the advancement of social media in our days has definitely transformed how small businesses engage and communicate with their customers, finding a powerful social media plan that connects you with your target market will yield great returns.

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If you have been frustrated by your social media outreach efforts or are in the process of writing an effective social media plan, here are some ideas that will steer you to the right directions:

  1. Identify Your Social Network

With so many social media platforms out there, it is both unreasonable and impossible to tackle each platform with the same precision and professionalism. Each social media platform is different and has their unique marketing style.

Twitter, for example, allows you to tweet around 120-130 characters. Pinterest is a great place to share Infographics and samples of your products and past works. Youtube, on the other hand, breathes vigor and life into your marketing efforts. So before you try to tackle all social media platforms simultaneously, try to find a couple that fits your business purposes and corner the market slowly but steadily.

  1. Complete Your Profile

Most people will not take you seriously if you lack a clear, professional profile picture. Because your profile is the first thing your visitors will review, it’s important to create a great first impression with a complete and strong profile. Invest time and effort to complete your profile with detailed descriptions and engaging content. Present a credible image to your visitors and you will eventually earn their trust.

  1. Regular, Consistent Social Activities

The purpose of creating an account with a social media platform is simple: to be social. And that comes in the form of communication and interaction. A solid social media plan ensures that you have a solid content marketing campaign so sharing information through posting and updates will not be a problem.

The bottom line? If you want to have loyal readers, you will need to be a faithful information provider. This means you should have something new to share every single day (especially if you are a new business).

  1. Audience Engagement

Having quality content is simply phase one of your social media efforts. Being social means that you not only have something to say, but also something to engage. Audience likes interaction because it is a reflection of your sincerity and commitment to their well-being. Consequently, your social media plan should have a regular schedule for posting and a regular schedule for responding to comments. Sometimes, even a simple acknowledgment to someone’s comment will go a long way in a business relationship.

Social Media Plan from ProEngage

ProEngage SEO offers a comprehensive social media plan that addresses everything from the social media itself to SEO and content marketing. Give us a call today at 832-857-0065. It’s time to go social all the way!