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Woman doing a search on her mobile phone to test local search optimization.

Local Voice Search SEO Optimization

The days of people typing generic search terms into their mobile phones are fading fast. In other words, local voice search is becoming more popular. Therefore, now is the perfect time to get a leg up on your competition by optimizing your website for local voice search. In this article, we will be covering local…

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5 Local SEO Tips To Win Organic Search

When people call us looking for local SEO tips, the answer is always different, depending on the caller’s goals and type of business. However, more times than not, there are five things we always talk about. They are prioritizing their marketing budget, Google My Business, optimizing for mobile, geographic content, and getting customer reviews.

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5 gold stars SEO rating with hand clicking on the last star

What Top SEO Companies Do

The answer to what top SEO companies do can result in limitless explanations. Not because everyone has a different perspective on the matter, but because there are many different varieties of SEO companies. As experts in local search optimization, we will be covering what to expect from an excellent local SEO company. Moreover, we will…

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SEO Houston Texas Rise To The Top

The question is how to rise to the top of the search results in Houston, Texas? To answer that question, one must first ask a second question; When it comes to website optimization, what makes Houston unique. There is a lot to unpack when answering that question but start with this. Where do you live?…

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Man holding SEO services sign

SEO Service Provider Service & Repair

Is website marketing different for a “service” business that for a “retail” business? The short answer is yes, but how, and what should you be doing to promote your local service business. Many service businesses will only service a client once. For instance, not many people look forward to doing ongoing business with a plumber,…

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Ultimate Woodlands TX Local SEO Guide

SEO in The Woodlands is more than just showing up #1 in the search results when someone types in “your service” Woodlands, TX because The Woodlands is just far enough away from Houston. And large enough to have its own community identity. Like Katy, in that matter, your Woodlands Texas business needs a unique brand…

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Houston TX Local SEO Guide

See how the pros do it with this comprehensive Houston SEO Guide—starting at the very beginning of the planning phase. After that, making the right calls on keywords and target areas. Then, going into details about sizing up your competition, starting a citation building campaign, and much more. This comprehensive guide covers everything from a-z.

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Man writing in SEO journal

Need To Know About Local SEO Services

This article covers why local businesses need search engine optimization and what they should expect from a local SEO service provider. Starting with what your potential clients are looking for and how they are looking. Then, how your webmaster or local SEO should be managing your website and your online marketing campaign. Moreover, how they…

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Woman drawing local business website cartoon.

Business Websites

What does it take to have a great local business website? This article will cover everything from identifying the perfect customer and organizing a website for that customer. To website specifics like designing a call to action, integrating customer reviews, and making it easy for your new customers to contact you. Also, how to do…

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Content Search Engine Optimization

Seven proven search engine optimization strategies local businesses need to know—first mobile website optimization. Then, user experience and staying one step ahead of those chasing you. Onto content creation, keyword planning, content diversification, and, last but not least social media marketing.

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Do SEO Services Work

She is making a case for and against SEO, starting with the argument that it is just too hard and impossible to keep up. In contrast, the rewards can be astronomical! Then, how much is too much. Because not following the rules can be devastating. In this article, we have done the homework and will…

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Laptop showing local search engine rankings security screen.

Local Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings: How the search engines decide what websites rank and in what order? The answer to this question always leads back to customer experience, but how is this measured? And how can you make sure your website is functioning correctly? This article will cover all of this and more, including the difference between…

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Local SEO essentials map

Local SEO Essentials

At a minimum, there are six things needed for successful local SEO. And of course, they start with your homepage. It needs to shine like a bright star. Then, onto well-written service pages. Next up, consistent name, address, and phone number. Lastly, and just as important, credibility, social media profiles, and inbound links.

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