If you have spent any time at all researching digital marketing, you know there are thousands of articles promoting the latest local SEO tips. It’s easy to get lost in the technical jargon and back and forth about who is right, and who is wrong. If you found your way to this article, you are more than likely a Houston Texas local business, or you were specifically looking for Local SEO tips.

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ProEngage Local is Houston’s go to local SEO company, and people call us all the time looking for SEO tips. If you have called around looking for SEO tips, you have probably run into much fast talk about algorithms and everything other than what you wanted. Everyone knows the frustration of trying to get a basic understanding of something, and instead, getting the fast talk express.

In this post, we will be covering the same local SEO tips we share when someone calls us. You will see there is no secret sauce, but you will also see everything takes time even when you know what you are doing.

Local SEO Tip 1 – Prioritize Website Budget

Let’s say you have a small budget that can only accommodate either professional web design or an SEO consultant. In this case, it would be wiser to spend your money on a professionally made website. Keep in mind; your website serves as a foundation for all your online marketing and advertising.

If your business already has a professional website, there are a few search engine optimization basics that are necessary to ensure your website is successful. Your website speaks volumes about your company, and it should be attractive, easy to navigate, and well-organized. Your text-based navigation should be appropriately labeled. Also, your home page should display what you do, your location, business hours, and contact information.

SEO Tip 2 – Google My Business (GMB)

You need to claim or add your business to Google My Business to keep your business info updated across Google Search and Maps. Ensuring potential customers can find you from anywhere on any device. If you haven’t claimed your GMB listing, we recommend you head over to the Google My Business resource page. Then, set up and optimize your page with the following information:

  • A proper description of your business and services
  • Category to which your business belongs
  • Accurate business address
  • Your phone number
  • Specific business hours and any holiday hours

Once you set up your GMB listing, you need to refresh and update it regularly. You also can add posts. We highly recommend you take advantage of this by posting to your page weekly.

SEO Tip 3 – Optimize for Mobile

An increasing number of consumers are searching for businesses on their smartphones and tablets. So they are expecting a smooth and seamless experience even when browsing on these devices. If your website fails to live up to these expectations, it will drive visitors away.

To ensure this does not happen, you need a website that’s optimized for mobile. Not sure if your site is mobile-friendly? Click here to find out.

Even if your site is mobile-friendly, you can always enhance it. Here’s how:

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  • Organize your home page as we discussed above. People should be able to see your address, phone number, and business hours without having to pinch or scroll the screen.
  • People scan the pages faster on a mobile device. So, using short paragraphs, sub-headers, lists, and bullets will help them skim without losing out on any vital information.
  • Place valuable content in the middle of the page because that is the focal point for mobile users.
  • Enhance readability with the use of images and white spaces to break up the text.

SEO Tip 4 – Location Specific Content

Location-specific content is a great way to build your authority in a specific marketplace. Also, it allows you to target critical areas and customers that matter the most. It also gives you a leg up when it comes to local search rankings. For example, you may not rank as well for general keywords like “Garage Door Repairs,” however, you can improve your ranking for more specific keywords like “Garage Door Repair in Humble TX.”

Lastly The Best of All Local SEO Tips – Prove Your Credibility

Positive customer reviews and testimonials on your home page play a critical role in the success of your business. A consumer can read your reviews and recognize that your business is legitimate. High-quality reviews are proof of your commitment to delivering first-rate service. You should also include customer reviews and testimonials on your GMB page. Posting your positive reviews on your GMB page increases your visibility and ranking.

There are many great and powerful SEO techniques to build your online presence. If you’re looking for an experienced Houston TX SEO company to market your business online with success, we’d love to talk.