Local SEO - Search Engine Optimization

With so many businesses going viral, more local companies ask about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ProEngage believes that for the best Houston search engine optimization, you need a local SEO company. One that knows Houston TX, inside and out. Because Houston, Texas is unique, and unless your SEO lives’, works, and plays here. Then you’re not getting “local SEO.” Is your business ready for the ProEngage Local Advantage?
  • SEO Optimized Keyword Research

    There is an art & science to picking the right SEO keywords. It is essential to know how competitive each keyword phrase is. Is it high, medium, or low? Is the term considered a quality phrase? Finally, is it the kind of word someone is using for information or when acting? Keyword marketing is more than just picking the words with the highest traffic. More importantly, you want the phrases that will convert into the best leads!

  • Best Geographic Targeting

    Geographic targeting and Selecting the right target areas is as important. It is as important as selecting the best keywords. ProEngage Local Houston SEO services will help you identify the best geographic areas and combine them with the best keywords, resulting in the best possible local marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization - Metadata

    There is no such thing as a secret sauce. ProEngage’s local knowledge and local search engine optimization experts give you an advantage. Moreover, we will drill down to find the perfect geographic area, keywords, messaging.

  • Local Website Functionality

    You do not have unlimited time to get your message out. If a visitor to your website does not see what they are looking for within 3-5 seconds. They will more than likely hit the back button, resulting in losing potential new customers. Also noteworthy is load time, navigation, and aesthetics.

  • What Are Links - Link Building

    Links are when another website tells their visitors that they also recommend your website. An example would be how we have highlighted the phrase ways local businesses can get links. Because when you click on it, you will go to another website. Not just any website, but a website that talks about this subject. As a result, we are saying that we recommend this article. In conclusion, this is what a “link” to your website is.

  • Buying Links - Not Good

    Many SEO’s are known to abuse link building. When they buy links, or they create mediocre personal websites for the sole purpose of building relationships back to their main website. It not only looks spammy, but it can hurt your website ranking. As a result, if you get hooked up with a bad marketing company, it can come back to bite you.

  • SEO Link Quality - Quality Over Quantity

    Instead of giving you a higher rank on mere link count, search engines focus more on the quality of your links. As a result, an excellent online marketing company knows how to find the best website links. Therefore, they will make sure that all the links coming to your website are reputable.

  • ProEngage Local Search Engine Optimization

    We are an SEO company in Houston, TX, that knows all about finding the best links. Because ProEngage begins each link building project by ensuring that your local business has the necessary website links. Links from Facebook, Google+, and YouTube. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are also great for your website. As the best Houston search engine optimization service, we will build relevant and high-quality links.

Local BBB A+ SEO Optimization

ProEngage Local BBB A+ rating logoAs a Houston Texas local SEO company, we know that there are many advertising options. Moreover, the number of solicitations you get from each one of them can be overwhelming. People are amazed when we tell them how many of the same calls and emails we get. Hundreds of people are calling and emailing us about the same services we provide.

Despite the unwanted solicitations, many local businesses are now concluding that they must do something. However, the question is, what? The competition for Google rankings is growing fiercer than ever. They find themselves doing a Google search for the best search engine optimization service. Also, like you, they find their way to this page of our website.

Best Houston Search Engine Optimization at Work

The website page you are on now is an excellent example of how local website optimization works. Because this page uses two high-level techniques to show up when searching for the best search engine optimization service, those techniques are “on-page” and “off-page” SEO. In conclusion, you are reading this now, so they must work.