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ProEngage Local Internet Advertising Prices

Once your website is fully optimized & ready to “wow” people that visit it, it’s time to start considering internet advertising prices. Because just like local SEO, there is a right way, & a wrong way, to go about Houston local internet advertising. Paid for internet advertising is a pure ROI play. You’re either getting a good return on the money or you are not. So the only way to answer the ROI question is to try it. However, what exactly should you try and for how long? ProEngage Local recommends the below Local Internet Advertising Options.

Social Media Advertising

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$350/$1500 mo.
Creative Design & Account Set-Up

We design creative ads that target local conversations.

Competitive Analysis & Game Plan

Research other ad campaigns.

Optimize Ad Schedule & Frequency

Run your ads on the times setting frequency caps.

Demographic & Geographic Targeting

Run ads in pre-set geographic areas targeting specific demographic groups.

Test, Tweak, & On-going Optimization

The only way to know is to test ads & make changes based on results.

Pay Per Click (AdWords)

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$1000/$3000 mo.
Manage Google AdWords From Your Account

We will help you set up your own Google account & manage everything from it.

Modified Broad Match & Exact Match Optimization

We use a combined keyword targeting approach for the best results.

County, City, & Zip Code Targeting

Our PPC approach utilizes multiple geographic targeting options.

Demographic Targeting (age, gender, & income)

We set up your PPC campaign to show your ads to the best people.

Ad Scheduling & Flexible Spending Options

Set up your campaign to run at specific times with the option to turn on/off whenever you want.

Houston Internet Advertising Prices – What You Need to Know

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You found your way to our Houston internet advertising prices page. So, you are looking for information about how to get more traffic to your website. If you are a local Houston area business, you found the right information source. ProEngage is a local web design, SEO, and Houston internet marketing services agency. We have worked with 100’s of local businesses with our proven local marketing programs.

When it comes to deciding what, if any, internet advertising is best for your business, there is no set answer. However, there is a process we recommend you go through to make the best decision. Also, by being on this page, you are on your way. Shopping for internet marketing prices is an excellent place to start. Moreover, our internet marketing pricing is straight forward. We charge a monthly management fee to place and optimize paid-for internet advertising. Then, on top of that, you tell us how much more you want to spend, and we go to work, getting you the best bang for your buck.

Calculating Total Internet Marketing Cost

Next, we recommend deciding if hiring an internet advertising agency is the right move. Start with your budget. And don’t fall into the trap of comparing your budget to listed agency bundle prices. Meaning, you need to go beyond matching what you want to spend, with some agencies listed internet advertising prices. Example; You want to spend $250, & you find someone that has a $250 internet advertising bundle that looks good. Not so fast… Remember that agency is charging you X for their service. And using the rest to buy the actual advertising. So, in this case are you spending your $250 wisely? Probably not…

With ProEngage Local’s transparent management fees, doing that calculation is easy. So, you can plug in how much you want to spend & subtract the management fee to know exactly how much media you are buying.

Do it Yourself Internet Advertising vs. Paying Management Fees

At this point, businesses start to think about using 100% of their investment toward the purchase of media. Because buying advertising directly from Google or Facebook is easy. Google & Facebook didn’t become two of the most successful companies on the planet by making it hard. So, should you do it yourself? In some cases, yes, you should. However, before taking this route, there are some key factors to consider.

Please start with the time it will take to do this yourself. Because not only will it take time to set everything up. It will also take time to maintain. The most significant part of successful internet marketing is testing, tweaking, & optimizing your campaigns. Then, can you design attractive ads & write compelling ad copy? Finally, do you have a basic understanding of advertising jargon? Things like click-through rates, cost per thousand, keyword types, & negative keywords? However, most businesses we talk to are most concerned about the time it will take.

Internet Advertising Prices – The Bottom Line

No matter what the answers to the above questions are, it always comes back to ROI. Will paying a management fee for someone to manage your internet advertising bring you a return on your investment? We believe that nine times out of 10, our internet advertising prices are such that it will. So, call ProEngage today to discuss what is best for your local Houston Texas business.