It’s Not a Matter of Choice Between Design & SEO for The Top Houston Website Design Company

Small businesses typing in “web design company Houston” are often confused by the various “web design company Houston” services offered to them. When it comes to web design companies & SEO companies. Many are torn between focusing on the design itself, and focusing on SEO techniques. Which one should they choose? And why?

Why the Design Vs. SEO Dilemma?

If you have been following the web design community, you may have noticed a seemingly ironic dichotomy playing out among web designers. As an article published on Search Engine Journal points out, “Designers are bashing SEOs and vice versa.”

The truth is: Web designers (or developers) believe that ranking is not everything and blame SEOs for using aggressive SEO techniques. Techniques they believe manipulate ranking, while compromising the integrity of web design principles. However, SEOs retorts the charges by saying that web designer’s negligence in integrating SEO into their coding have often made the job of SEOs miserable.

Top Houston Website Design Company or Top Houston SEO Company?

Houston website design creative downtown view looking upOn first impression, both sides are making valid claims. What they fail to realize is that web design and SEO are not at odds…

On the one hand, a beautiful website is not going to rank or enjoy steady traffic if its content fails to attract search engine crawlers and online surfers. On the other hand, a website that focuses only on SEO dismisses the power of user experience. And will eventually lose clients, traffics, and subscribers. No matter how well they rank in search engines.

So both sides are right in pointing out that a successful website does not solely depend on ranking or aesthetics. Yet, they are also wrong for taking one factor and making it the ruling factor of success.

ProEngage: A Top Houston Website Design Company on the Run!

Top Houston website design company photo of man standing in front or wall with 3 direction arrowsFor your website to rank well, you need both: a brilliant web design and a professional SEO makeover. It’s a collaborative effort. So what does a great web design service look like?

For ProEngage, the best web design practices and the best SEO practices can be boiled down to one word: engage! As a web design company in Houston, we understand that a great Houston web design package is not about just web design or just SEO services. Rather its about both web design & SEO. Everything from the layout to font style needs to reflect the trendiest and most popular web design principles. Using SEO techniques, web designers can fine tune the design to improve its load time and responsiveness.

When all is finished, our unmatched Houston web design service will optimize your content with keywords, geo-targeting text, and more. It’s all about engagement and we need to crack things down from colors to words.

Call 832-857-0065 now to enjoy a brilliant web design and professional SEO experience.