It starts with trust, confidence, commitment, and experience. ProEngage Local in Kingwood TX has a 20+ year proven track record managing cost-effective local marketing. ProEngage was founded on a single vision, to BE THE BEST LOCAL SEO MARKETING COMPANY IN HOUSTON, TX!

ProEngage Local Advantage – Who We Service

Are you a local business owner struggling to get your name out there? Because Houston is unique, and it has proven to be one of the hardest places in the country to market a local business. As a result, local marketing complexities are challenging.

Most business owners that we have talked to either tried the cheap route or are paying more than they should be. Another common theme is some business owners are using their valuable time doing it themselves.

They have great business models and a real passion for what they do. Furthermore, they know that with the right digital marketing plan, they can deliver exceptional value to the local community.

ProEngage Local Advantage – What We Do

ProEngage Local BBB A+ rating logoProEngage Local shares these same values, and like you, we live, work, and play in Houston, Texas. Because we are located in Kingwood, TX, and have over 20 years of proven local digital marketing experience. Houston is unique, and we know how to manage an internet marketing campaign that will win in this market. Houston is incomparable, and we understand how to manage an internet marketing campaign that will win in this market.

Call us for a first call consultation or to set up a face to face meeting, (832) 857-0065.

“I have had a great experience with ProEngage they have increased my jobs by 50 percent . Very easy to talk to even though I didn’t understand half of the conversation.But thats what I hired them for . I don’t need to worry about not understanding how the web works with ProEngage having my back. Five stars all the way.”

“We found Tyler at the perfect time, we were transitioning from the split of our company and everything was changing….websites, URL’s, phone numbers, etc. We seemed to be going backwards instead of forward in our advertising. Tyler stepped in and helped to turn things around. He is very good at what he does and knows his stuff about adwords and making a presence on the web. He comes highly recommended by us and we look forward to working with him for a long time.”

What Makes ProEngage Local Different

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“We were not sure exactly what we wanted and/or needed so thankfully we found ProEngage. You could tell from the first time we talked to them that this was not their first rodeo. They pretty much knew what we needed. Instead of asking us an endless number of questions they explained to us what other businesses like ours are doing on the internet, our options, and the cost associated with each. The whole thing was much easier than we thought and a few weeks later our business can be found all over the place, and everything looks good! We highly recommend ProEngage!”

“Pro Engage set up our company website. It is a great design, they were very easy and pleasant to work with. We are really glad we chose ProEngage for our work. I would highly recommend anyone looking to have a webpage built use them.”

“We hired ProEngage after working with another company that was not working out. ProEngage optimized our web pages and improved our site. Tyler is knowledgeable and experienced with local SEO and understands the power of online marketing. If you are considering replacing your current SEO, we highly recommend them for the job.”

  • Trust - Confidence - Commitment

    To maintain our business model, we cannot accept every business that contacts us. We can only service one campaign per niche and geographic area. And, our goal is to build long term relationships with a limited number of clients. We can create a website for anyone and everyone. However, for SEO services, we have to be selective about the projects we accept.

  • Results - Not Reports

    If you are looking for detailed reports or spreadsheets, we are not the best choice. Our primary Houston SEO company offerings do not come with reporting. Because your success comes from Leads and Sales, we are confident you will see both. And we back up our confidence with month to month service agreements.

  • No Contract Pricing and You Have Complete Control

    Almost everything we do is on a month to month basis. And, most monthly service agreements are controlled directly by you via your own PayPal account. You can cancel any time before the next automatic billing date. Furthermore, every website customer keeps a full backup. And that backup can be used to move your site to another service provider, at any time.

  • Simple Affordable Pricing

    Because almost everything we do auto-bills monthly (most services under $600), there are no monthly invoices to track/pay. Also, we do not ask for a credit report or any personal information.

  • No Pushy Sales Tactics

    You will never get an email solicitation from us. Or be asked to upgrade your service because we are as selective about who we choose to do business with as you are. And because, like you, we believe in growing relationships. We are not just making sales.

  • Safe & Secure (SEO Services & Website Maintenance)

    Our local SEO process does not even come close to the black hat techniques that people talk about because, in the long run, everyone loses. Ultimately, it leads to disaster. Furthermore, every website we manage has multiple layers of security and backups.

ProEngage Local Business Model and How We Do It

ProEngage Local was founded with the vision to deliver affordable SEO and website services to local Houston Texas businesses. Consequently, our SEO marketing strategies and advertising solutions are designed to help local businesses thrive in the noisy Houston TX digital world!

Many digital marketing agencies claim to have a “proprietary algorithm” that will magically put your website on the 1st page of Google. We do not, because there are no short cuts to digital marketing success in Houston. Many SEO programs see progress right away while others take longer.

Over the last 20 years, there has not been a year where the local business marketing landscape has not changed. However, none more than in the previous 5. The decline in traditional media usage and explosions in social media usage has been the primary driving force.

ProEngage Local Advantage – What’s The Secret Sauce

At ProEngage Local we don’t claim to have anything proprietary, or magical. Hence, you will never get an email solicitation saying we do. Nor will you acquire any robot-calls. You know the ones telling you that you’re missing out on the next all-potent marketing panacea.

Part of what we do is to try to help you avoid some of those distracting voices. The voices that are taking you away from your business. Because we believe that the best marketing strategies start with understanding your ideal clients. Whereas other web design companies may focus on the aesthetic aspect of SEO web design. Our company is here to develop a unique result-driven game plan for your business.

20+ Years of Proven Results

Our business plans revolve around a price point that most local business owners can afford. Because we don’t have any gimmicks. Furthermore, we back up our winning SEO, web design, and digital marketing services with a simple payment system.

No contract is required. Just an agreed-upon monthly service fee that you control via your PayPal account. As a result, you can stop at any time, and for any reason because we are confident that you will like what you get.

Therefore, we back all our services up with zero setup fees or minimum terms. Because we do a lot of work on the front end (and throughout), so, you can be 100% confident you will get a full commitment from us.

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