Starter Tips For Basic SEO

It is without a doubt that you have heard of the term “search engine optimization” or “SEO” before.

Most people in the Internet community are madly in love with SEO and always on the hunt for the top SEO tips to improve their overall website performance.

In the hassles and bustles of finding the best SEO strategies, it is important to remember that the top SEO tips are often simple and easy to understand.

They are not like rocket science that requires extensive and profound knowledge of physics, math, and abstract thinking.

In fact, one reason customers love ProEngage’s top SEO tips is their transparency. Our top SEO tips are clearly presented with no riddles attached.

While we have many top SEO tips under our wings, here are five we would like to share with you:

cartoon of woman jetting into sky with jet pack on back

Tip #1: Keyword Planning

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Not all keywords are created equal. Not all keywords share the same value. Most importantly, not all keywords are relevant to your target niche.

Having the best keywords does not necessarily mean getting the ones with the best value and traffic.

Sometimes, the keywords you use may not have the highest search value, yet using them properly enable customers to find you before you find them.

Tip #2: Attractive Headline

When people hit “Enter” after typing a keyword or key word phrase into their search engine box, what’s the first thing they see? The answer is a list of relevant results with corresponding titles and short descriptions.

Because it is extremely time consuming to actually click through the returns and read them all, your visitors make their less-than-a-second decision by skimming through the titles.

Plan your title/headline accordingly so that it precisely communicates the gist of your message with a dash of creativity (or even mischief)!

Tip #3: Keywords in First Paragraph

Keywords are important and because you want your content to immediately reflect the public quest for answers.

As a result, it’s always a great idea to put your keywords in the first 100 words so the search engine can effectively determine the relevancy of your content in any given search.

Tip #4: Focus on Search Phrases

We bet that the frequency of you typing in phrases is much higher than a single word. Why? Because humans think in strings of words.

Oftentimes, a single term like “SEO” just don’t serve our purposes. We like to narrow our searches and will secure aid from other words to enjoy a more specific search return.

So instead of simply typing in “SEO”, we might try “top SEO tips”, “What is SEO”, and “SEO keywords.”

Tip #5: Content is King

Funny photo of man giving seo tips about content being king while dressed up as a kingPeople are not search engines, and you are doing yourself a disservice if you think keyword stuffing will impress your readers.

Frankly, even search engines have evolved against this unethical SEO abuse! When you write, write for humans.

Make sure your content is engaging, dynamic, and live up to the promise or promises it makes.

If you promised to share some of the simplest top SEO tips, you’d better do it.

If you promised to teach people how to build a real rocket, then good luck!

But either way, you need to have interesting, educational, and even inspirational content that presents a relevant message or insight.