One Way To Build Page Rank From Zero

There are numerous SEO Google Ranking Factors we consider every time we start a new website for our clients.

We customize our “SEO Checklist” around many factors including SEO analytics, keyword trends, and our clients’ needs to increase small business SEO results.

Currently, we are working on a new site for a client and we are seeing positive early small business SEO results.

One task at the top of our SEO Checklist list is a YouTube Video on the home page.

Small Business SEO Working List

For the best small business SEO results, the video is located above the fold on their SEO home page. It is providing positive results for our client and is also an attractive feature on their home page:

Therefore, based on our check list, the small business SEO mission was accomplished.

Youtube Video’s are a great way to support your Local SEO pages over time. It provides great long term SEO results and great customer experiences.