Social Media Advertising – What’s Included

ProEngage Local Facebook Advertising Packages
Facebook advertising has proven to be an unbelievable value for local Houston TX businesses. And it is easy to run an ad or boost a post with your business profile. But are you getting the best bang for your buck? Because you’re on this page, probably not. No worries, ProEngage Local is here to help. For a low monthly management fee ($150/mo.), we will put your business on the local social media fast track. So, read the below details, & then get started by clicking the orange social media subscription button at the bottom of the page.

Billing, Number of Months, & Account Set-Up

Billing – All our social media advertising packages are set-up as subscriptions. Meaning, for one low monthly management fee payment we will set-up, optimize, & maintain a Facebook ads campaign for as long as you choose. The subscription payment auto bills on the same day each month.

Number of Months – Because it takes some time to test, tweak, & optimize your Facebook Ads, we recommend running your campaign for at least 3 months. However, this service does NOT require a minimum number of months. So, if for any reason, you want to stop running your ads, you can do so at any time prior to the next automatic billing date.

Account Set Up – We use PayPal as our billing vendor. PayPal is a universally trusted 3rd party billing company that does not share any credit card, or personal information with ProEngage. So, you have complete control over your account, & can end your subscription any time prior to the next automatic payment date.

See below subscription options. Select one of the three spend levels, click the subscription button, & you will be taken to PayPal’s website to set-up your account.

Social Media Facebook Ads – What’s Included

More detail about what’s included in these social media advertising packages can be found on our internet advertising prices page. During our pre-campaign consultation we will cover the entire process with you in detail. The monthly fee covers everything. Including both our management fee, and the media cost. Our management fee is the same for each package ($150/mo). And the remainder is used to purchase the actual ads:

$350 PKG – $150 pays our MGMT Fee & $200 is spent on Facebook Ads

$750 PKG – $150 pays our MGMT Fee & $600 is spent on Facebook Ads

$1,500 PKG – $150 pays our MGMT Fee & $1,350 is spent on Facebook Ads

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