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This blog post category contains posts related to social media marketing for local Houston TX businesses.

These blog posts that are best described as being in the general category of social media.

But they also include more advanced social media advertising techniques as well as trends and news related to local social media marketing in Houston.

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Social Media Advertising in Houston TX

In a constant developing digital world, social media advertising is imperative for your local Houston business. With the increasing popularity of social media, many businesses are investing their time and money into developing an online marketing strategy. Understanding and adhering to the latest trends in digital advertising, can drive traffic to your website. And, give…

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What Blogging Can Do

Blog is a widely used word. Whether you are online or offline, the word “blog” can pop up in almost any conversation. Does “A blog I’ve been following recently posted X …” sound familiar at all? What about “I have a friend who blogs about…”? The frequency of us using the word “blog” should not…