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Outdoor Kitchen Pros Contractor Website Design

This contractor website design was customized to highlight Outdoor Kitchens Houston TX features & benefits. They specialize in designing and installing outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. They are a company located in Kingwood, Texas. The residents of Houston & Kingwood are known for their love of outdoor cooking and Texas style grilling. However, these residents no longer have to only use a grill to enjoy cooking outdoors. With the help of Outdoor Kitchen Pros, they can now turn their backyard into a whole extra kitchen for their house. This won’t require building an additional room for the house either.

The contractors of Outdoor Kitchen Pros will simply encase the kitchen inside a screened porch outside. That way all of the nasty bugs and insects from outside won’t be able to find their way into your outdoor kitchen. It is similar to the screen that surrounds many outdoor swimming pools. For those who would prefer to not be encapsulated inside a screen, you can choose to have a roof built above the outdoor kitchen instead. It would simply have columns to support the roof while leaving the walls empty to maintain the outdoor atmosphere.

Contractor Website Design Solution

This contractor website design was customized to highlight Outdoor Kitchens Houston TX features & benefits. As you navigate their contractor website design, you can see a gallery of their outdoor kitchen projects by hovering over the “Kitchens” link on top and choosing “Outdoor Kitchen Work.” This gallery showcase will give visitors an idea of what Outdoor Kitchen Pros can do in their backyard to create for them a high quality outdoor kitchen. As the top web design company in Kingwood TX we know how important visuals are for contractor businesses.

If you check out the other links on the navigational bar, you can see galleries of their other designs for fireplaces, patio & deck, and porches. On the bottom of the home page, there is a YouTube video that gives a complete walk through of one of their outdoor kitchens in full motion picture. Anyone interested in receiving a free consultation can simply call the number that is clearly illustrated in big font on the very top of every contractor website designs page.