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AMS Investigations is a private investigator Houston TX company that specializes in cases of infidelity & adultery. They are one of the leading private investigation firms in all of Houston, Texas. Clients generally come to AMS when they suspect their spouse is having an affair on them. The professional investigators of AMS will then conduct a thorough investigation onto the suspected cheating spouse. The investigation tactics implemented include GPS, personal surveillance, video surveillance and research. If it turns out the spouse is cheating, the investigators will create physical evidence in the form of photographs or video to give to their client. This evidence will not only prove their suspicions, it will also be helpful to them in court if they elect to divorce their spouse.

In addition to infidelity and adultery, AMS Private Investigators in Houston TX also assists their clients in divorce and child custody cases as well. This assistance includes providing evidence to the court and testifying on behalf of their client. By doing this, it will increase the likelihood of their clients being granted a larger settlement in the divorce case. Remember that divorces will not always split the couple’s assets 50/50 in the event that someone cheats. If the loyal spouse has proven that their other half has committed infidelity, they will be entitled to a much bigger percentage of the assets. They may even be entitled to full custody of the children, depending on the circumstances. But with AMS Investigations on your side, it will certainly make it easier to win custody and receive a larger settlement. Website designs for private investigators use images and videos as shown on their website.

Website Designs Private Investigators Trends To Consider

One of the most recent web design trends is highlight free consultations. As you can see this is highlighted throughout the website. You can call the phone number illustrated on the very top of the screen in big font. There is also an email form box on the homepage, which allows you to send a confidential email to the customer service department of the company.

As you scroll further down on the homepage, you will see information that could help you figure out whether or not your spouse could be cheating. These are things like checking the odometer for any excessive miles added onto the car or noticing your spouse coming home late for work. It also recommends checking the call history on their cell phone if they leave it around unprotected.

The hardest part for most clients is to make that first initial call to a private investigator. Good website designs for private investigators has information on the bottom of the page that will help motivate people to make that initial call and figure out once and for all if their spouse is cheating on them or not.