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Best Web Design Company Project Details

About This Best Web Design Company Project

This client was searching for the best web design company in Houston and contacted ProEngage Local. Because they wanted a professional website that both looked good. And would show up prominently for people searching for child custody attorneys in san Antonio TX. An accomplished divorce and family law attorney in San Antonio TX. Yusuf Ross Law PLLC has been handling cases in greater San Antonio for nearly a decade. Over the years, they developed a solid reputation in the local area. But wanted to make it easier for prospective clients to find them. In conclusion, they wanted a simple, informative, & effective website.

Best Web Design Solution

It was clear this law firm was defined by knowledge, professionalism and compassion. So, this is where we started… Instead of a stock template website, we suggested a professional-looking, custom-designed website. Next, we discussed a few design options, and zeroed in on a design with white on dark grey background. We used slate-blue tabs to break the monochrome and add a bit of color to the site. The image slider was added to give the site a lively, animated feel.

Even the smallest detail in a lawyer’s website matters. So, we created a website that showcased in-depth knowledge and experience of the family law system. Considering that the site would be accessed by those dealing with divorce and family law matters. Simplicity was the key. Because when considering a divorce attorney, navigating a complicated website is the last thing a visitor would want to do. Therefore, our priority was for users to be able to easily browse.

Best Web Design Company – Images & Content

We not only made sure this website was easy to navigate. We also ensured that the images and content displayed a sense of trust and confidence. Many potential clients would be accessing this website on both desktop and mobile devices. So, we decided to improve device accessibility through a responsive web design. Because this ensured that the look and feel of the website would be appealing on any device. Finally, with its advanced local SEO design, this website performs great in local search. And, it has been getting great feedback. ProEngage local is the best Houston SEO company for local business, & this website is a great example.