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Professional SEO Web Design Project Details

About the Company

Serving the Greater Houston area since 1999, Sentry Garage Door & Gates has earned solid reputation and trust among home and business owners of the area. Because they repair and install garage doors, driveway gates, and iron fences. And because Sentry Garage Door & Gates wanted us to create a website that would inform their prospects about their service offerings. As well as showcase the trust and loyalty they have built over the years. And most importantly, they needed to be prominently displayed when their potential customer were looking for gate repair companies in Houston TX.

Our Garage Door Gate Repair Design Solution

As Sentry Garage Door & Gates had a range of service offerings, we started with creating a website layout that would allow visitors to explore all of them. We went ahead with a custom design, rather than stock template. Because we needed to make sure the website would turn out to be as flexible and user-friendly as we planned. Because the brand is really committed to their customers, we took a user-centric approach while designing this website. This means we had to decide the content and information that users want most. To this end, we mapped out the content based on Sentry’s image. So, we created separate grids to display Sentry’s Google, Facebook, and BBB reviews to boost the buyer’s confidence in their brand.

The Outcome

The visual hierarchy of the pages were designed to draw visitors’ attention to the top of the page first where the most important information would be featured. Our strategic placement of contact form and call to action buttons was done to make it easier for visitors to act. To make the site more seamless and accessible to Sentry’s prospects and customers who were increasingly using mobile devices, we made the site mobile-responsive. The site looks as good on a smartphone as it does on other devices like laptops, PC’s, and tablets. Since the launch of their new SEO marketing garage door gate repair website they have seen more prospects calling them from their website.