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Organic SEO Project

This service company found us online while looking for the best SEO company in Houston. They wanted more leads & better conversions. Wanting to do this by means of organic SEO, they were looking for a local company. As an experienced local organic SEO company, we helped them achieve their goals.

About The Project

This gate opener repair company offers a wide variety of fence gates, and gate openers. They do both repair & installations, but specialize in Apollo gate opener repair services. Unlike many of their competitors, they were not interested in pouring thousands of dollars each week into pay per click & banner advertising. Instead, they turned to us for an organic SEO company strategy that focused on targeting specific search terms, & on better conversion rates.

Our Organic SEO Company Service

We started with the keyword research. We were focusing on long-tail keywords that wouldn’t be as competitive. And at the same time, they would differentiate Apollo from their competitors. This gave us the opportunity to improve the company’s search engine optimization rankings within a short period of time. Once that happened, we expanded our keyword goal to include some of the more competitive key word phrases.

Next, we assessed if their onsite optimization was done correctly. Without this, the offsite optimization results would be almost impossible to achieve. We combed through each of the pages on their website and ensured all of their meta tags, meta data, descriptions, and URLs were set up correctly.

Finally, we use and ongoing keyword list to develop new on-site content. Organic SEO company content designed to drive highly targeted traffic. We also made sure the content is persuasive enough to inform, & engage, visitors. We populated the blog with industry-specific articles and posts that would further draw the audience in.