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Charlotte Deck Builder is a licensed contracting company in Charlotte, North Carolina that specializes in building porches, patios, sunrooms, decks, landscape designs, gazebos and other outdoor additions. The materials they use for these additions could be softwood or hardwood. The cheaper materials are cedar, spruce, fir, celery, and cypress. For those who prefer stronger and longer lasting wood materials for their additions, they have hardwoods like elm, hickory, walnut, cottonwood and many others. The experts from Charlotte Deck Builder will go over all of these options with their client, so they can make an informed choice that will satisfy their home and their wallet.

They do more than just build these additions though. They can help homeowners create extra space by building screened porches and additions that connect right to the main interior of their home. This will not only increase the living space of your home, but it will increase its value as well. When the time comes for you to sell your home, the addition of a screened porch will be very attractive to potential buyers. The best part is that these kinds of additions are much more affordable than constructing an entirely new room for your house. Charlotte Deck Builder always gives their clients the best possible price for their contracting services.

When you visit their deck builder website designs website you will see a very attractive design that provides links, information and video. The links in the horizontal navigational bar will take you to detailed pages for the company’s preferred wood materials, patio designs, gazebo designs, porch designs and deck designs. The homepage has an embedded YouTube video on the right hand side provides an introduction to these outdoor living contractors and showcases their patio and porch work in real motion. Visitors can see through this video how great the quality of work from Charlotte Deck Builder actually is. It can help them visualize a stunning gazebo in their backyard or a deck where they can place a grill and table for barbecues. As you scroll down the page, you will see more details about the company with a beautiful high resolution picture in the background. On the right side, you will see contact information for the company which includes a phone number and email form. This makes it very convenient to get in touch with the customer service department of Charlotte Deck Builder for a free consultation and price estimate.