Home services website design desktop screenshot
Want to see what it looks like on the web? Do a search for “masonry contractor Kingwood”. Or, visit The Brick Repair Man directly.

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Professional Home Services Web Design Project Details

AAA Brick Repair Man specializes in masonry & brick repair work. In addition, they also do outdoor kitchens, patios, custom cabinets, outdoor fireplaces, & concrete repair. That’s a lot, right? Well yes, but there is a good reason. Because, when you have over 50 years of contractor experience, you do a lot. So, for a contractor like this, experience should be the focus…

Home Services Website – What to Target

So, when you visit brickrepairman.com you will see experience highlighted everywhere. Again, for a business like this, it’s a no brainer. In addition, we put their contact information clearly displayed on every page. Also, the horizontal navigation bar gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the company’s specialties. Website visitors have options to choose brick repair, home improvement, or masonry work. Because it’s always good to give potential customers options that coincide with the websites overall mission.

Web Design Aesthetics, Images, & Video

There are few niche’s more visually compatible than home improvements. Home improvements, or contractor services, rely heavily on images. Because images &/or videos tell a story. And, not just a story. They also help shoppers visualize what they want. Think about it… How many times have you thought you wanted something, it could be anything. And, you try to get that picture in your head… Sometimes it’s hard to do. And, its even harder to explain to someone else. So, if your website provides many images and options. Then, your one step closer to getting that new customer.

Home Services Website Conclusion

Check out the homepage of brickrepairman.com. And, you will see we hit all the points discussed above. When you first see it, there is no question as to what they do. So, either you found what you were looking for, or not. But, because we designed the backend to be optimized for people shopping for a home services contractor. The likelihood that this website’s visitors found what they were looking for is high. Then the direct call to view project photos gets visitors to start saying yes. Be it to themselves. But, they are saying yes with every click to view the next image. Lastly, notice how many times we ask visitors to contact us. Because you must ask, if you want them to call.

Put all this together and you have the perfect optimized home services website design. And to prove it to yourself, do a search for brick repair Kingwood TX. Or, anything like that. And, you will find the Brick Repair Man at the top of page one…