2017 Web Design Trends

2017 web design trend colors being used to mix adult beveragesThe Houston web design market was poised to be different in 2017. Lets take a look at some of those predictions and where we stand 3/4 of the way through the year…

As always, web designers are coming up with increasingly interesting ways to create innovative websites using the advancing technology available.

What better way to start the year than with a countdown of forthcoming trend predictions in web design? There are a few key design trends that can help your local business attract customers.

To help you prepare for the components that will big in web design, here is our line-up of on trend web design predictions for the upcoming year.

2017 Web Design Trend #1 Mobile first

In the past web design has always catered to desktop sites first. With mobile compatibility as an afterthought. But with more and more people than ever before surfing the web on the go. Mobile is taking over. This year will see websites being designed with mobile viewing as a priority.

2017 Web Design Trend #2 Virtual reality

With VR gaining huge popularity last year after the release of a number of gaming headsets. We’re bound to see it seep into the internet space at some point in the near future.

2017 Web Design Trend #2 Virtual reality Personalization Of Content

This has been in the works for a while. This year will be no different, and we expect to see designers working towards chameleon-like sites that adapt based on who each browser is as a person and how they usually use your web page. Adaptations will come in the form of various colors, menus and more, depending on how much information the website can access.

2017 Web Design Trend #3 Virtual reality Bold Type

2017 will see the fonts used on websites become just as bold as the content they are communicating. Last year was the year of creative fonts. This year type will still be creative, but will also become bigger and more eye-catching than ever before.

2017 Web Design Trend #4 Virtual reality Authentic photography

For years, stock images have been the staple of many a web page. However, times are changing. Users can now spot a stock photo from a mile away, leaving designers reluctant to use them at all. This year we predict a big increase in the use of genuine photographs on websites all over the internet.

2017 Web Design Trend #5 Virtual Reality Videos, GIFS & Comic Strips

Plain text increasingly must compete with more visual communication tools. Videos are already firm favourites when it comes to the net. Expect to see companies tap into this popularity much more in 2017. We also predict an increase in eye-catching GIFs this year. As well as comic strips used as an alternative to plain text.

2017 Web Design Trend #6 Virtual reality Minimalist Design

With the focus of design back on content, designers will be moving towards ‘flat’ website designs that put the content of the site on center stage in an attractive yet efficient way.

Remember, regardless of what is trending, user experience will always be key. So, if you are a local company looking to hire a Houston web design company make sure you go with one who will pick out the elements that work for your site and leave out what doesn’t.