Anatomy of a Web Design Contract

You have found your website designer who seems to be nice, professional, and reliable. That’s of course, before he/she sent you a legal document called, “Website Design Contract.” Don’t get us wrong, website design contracts are important and even necessary. However, not all website design contracts offer you the same level of protection and benefits. If you are trying to understand the purpose and basic makeups of a great website design contract, welcome to Website Design Contract 101! ProEngage Houston SEO Company is here to explain this seemingly complex legal document in simple terms.

What is a Web Design Contract?

A website design contract helps you and your website designer to establish a contractual relationship that ensures just compensation for everyone involved in the project. By recording important details about the project in black and white, a website design contract encourages you and your website designer to work and move toward a common goal with peace of mind. In many ways, the website design contract is a great way to prevent fraud, while promoting work honesty and integrity. It is definitely something you should have before writing a check.

Anatomy Of Web Design Contract

An Easy Website Design Contract Checklist

Because a website design contract has legal implications, reading and checking for typos and errors are necessary prior to signing. Here is an easy checklist to get you started in the process:

1. Name: Check if the contract has a clear contractor and contractee. Make sure all names are spelled correctly and that everyone who is involved in the project has been properly listed.

2. Scope of Project: The contract should specify the type of goods and services that will be delivered. What does the website design include? A logo? A header or customized slider? How many pages will your designer create? Does the project encompass SEO and digital marketing

3. Agreed Rate/Fee/Price: A detailed breakdown of the corresponding fee or a clear indication on the scope of payment. Additionally, how will the payment be made? Will it be broken down in several transactions or will it be released upon final delivery? Is there any deposit/down payment involved.

4. Deadline: When is the project due? Is there a grace period involved? What kind of remedies is available if one of the parties fails to deliver?

Other things you might want to look include the number of revisions and copyrights. The latter is especially important because you need to make sure that your website designer will transfer ownership of all designs, content, and other elements to you.

How Do I Know if a Website Design Contract is Good?

A great website design contract needs to be clearly written, easy to understand, and comprehensively cover every aspect of your project. When determining the quality of your website design contract, it is best to have the website designer explain the contract terms to you in person. Use the opportunity to ask questions, clarify ambiguities, and correct any error. It is better to be safe than sorry.