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Timberwood Home & Foundation Inspections is the number one inspection company throughout the northern Houston area. This home inspections website design shows that the company services many communities such as Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, and Houston. Home inspections are important in a variety of different situations. For example, if someone is looking to purchase a new home then they aren’t just going to jump into a purchase. They will want to have a home inspection performed on the house first. These inspections will discover any faults or damages to the home that the seller may be unaware of or is failing to disclose.

Perhaps the foundation is damaged underneath the home and is causing the walls to crack. If something like this wasn’t discovered immediately, a buyer could end up purchasing the home and then have to deal with the problem after it becomes more apparent. By that time, it is too late because the repair costs will be much bigger to fix the problem. Home inspections will save you from these kinds of surprises by discovering them before you purchase the home. Then you can negotiate with your seller to have them fix the problem themselves or reduce their asking price on the house. Either way, a home inspection will save you many thousands of dollars.

In addition to Houston foundation inspections, the company also handles inspections related to warranties, appliances, A/C units, roofing, lighting, plumbing, electrical, siding, framing, windows, insulation and building codes. If any one of these areas are damaged then it could negatively affect the value of your home. Timberwood will thoroughly check each of these areas and provide a full report of their current condition. Good home inspections website designs show the homeowner what needs to be repaired or at least disclosed to their potential buyers. The home inspections by Timberwood are performed by a licensed structural engineer of the state of Texas. It is important you hire a home inspector who is actually licensed with the state. That way you know their opinion is reputable because it is backed by their vast educational background and knowledge about homes. Some home inspectors will advertise themselves as professionals, but they often don’t have a state license to conduct home inspections.

When you hire Timberwood, their inspections are backed by a 100% guarantee. In other words, your inspection report is guaranteed to be 100% accurate or your money back. Good home inspections website designs also show the phone number of the company clearly labeled at the top of the screen. Callers will receive a free consultation and price quote.