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Professional Home Inspection Web Design Project Details

Timberwood Home & Foundation Inspections is the number one inspection company throughout the entire Houston area. So, this home inspections website design needed to show the areas this business wanted to focus on. For this reason, you will see that they service Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, and Houston. Home inspections are important for a lot of reasons. For example, if someone is looking to purchase a new home, they will want to have a home inspection. Also, home inspections are used by sellers to discover problems in advance. So, obviously this website needed to cater to both buyers & sellers. In addition to inspections for buying and selling a home. Timberwood also handles inspections related to warranties, appliances, A/C units, roofing, lighting, plumbing, electrical, siding, framing, windows, insulation and building codes. And, this too is another consideration when mapping out a home inspections website designs project.

Home Inspections Website Designs – License & Accreditation’s

All home inspections by Timberwood are performed by a licensed structural engineer. In fact, Timberwood’s structural engineers are licensed by the state of Texas. It is important you hire a home inspector who is licensed with the state. That way you know their opinion is reputable. Because it is backed by their vast educational background and knowledge about homes. So, this was another sweet spot for this home inspection website design. Because there are not that many home inspectors with this kind of background. So, if you were looking for a home inspector, and landed on this website. Your going to know early and often that this company is no joke!

Bottom Line Home Inspections Website Designs Success

We think you will agree… This website screams professionalism. Mostly because of the crazy good qualifications the company brings to the table. But, also because of the layout, & how the information is displayed. So, again do a search for Houston home inspectors & see what you find. Then put yourself in a shopper’s shoes. Would this website be what you expected to see?