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We had already designed a couple of websites for Sentry when they called us to build another one of their websites. Impressed with our professional website design ability, they wanted us to create a simple and effective website for their gate services in the West Houston area.

About The Company

Sentry is a well-known name in the gate, & gate opener business. They offer a wide variety of gate repair and installation services in West Houston. With this new website, Sentry wanted to extend their online presence among prospects and customers in the West Houston area.

Our Professional Website Design Solution

We started with a custom design layout that would be simple and offer an easy access to information about Sentry’s service offerings, and showcase the trust and loyalty the company has built over the years.

We chose colors and typography that were simple and effective. We made sure to give every service offering had their own space in the site structure. This allowed easy navigation for visitors to find them easily from wherever they entered the site. With the creation service categories and extra attention to content placement, users can find what they are looking for faster.

We included the contact form and made sure the header included a contact number. These areas draw the attention of the visitors, regardless of where they are on a website. This helps promote conversion.

All our professional website design projects improve mobile device accessibility with a responsive web design. We also integrated social media buttons, so the website would get more engagement, be found by new customers, & enjoy an improved online presence.

The Outcome

The new Sentry West Gate professional website design is a streamlined, easy-to-use resource for home and business owners looking for gate repair and installation services in the West Houston area. Besides being able to quickly navigate through the service offerings, visitors are also able to know more about the company.