Hand writing web design trends on paper.

Web Design Trends

This is an updated web design trends article from 2017. This updated article looks back on what was happening in the web design world compared to today. Some things remain in place while others, in particular, web fonts and mobile website load times, have gained much steam. So, before moving forward with any website, changes…

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Woman doing a search on her mobile phone to test local search optimization.

Local Voice Search SEO Optimization

The days of people typing generic search terms into their mobile phones are fading fast. In other words, local voice search is becoming more popular. Therefore, now is the perfect time to get a leg up on your competition by optimizing your website for local voice search. In this article, we will be covering local…

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Woman taking off blindfold smiling

Content Strategies

If you build it, they will come quickly morphed into if you write it, they will read it. Well, not so fast, my friend, because great local digital marketing starts with a comprehensive content strategy. So, in this article, we will go over how to craft and distribute your valuable website content to the right…

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Social media gone viral sign hanging on door

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is imperative for your local Houston business in a constantly developing digital world. With the increasing popularity of social media, many companies are investing their time and money into developing an online marketing strategy. Understanding and adhering to the latest trends in digital advertising can drive traffic to your website. Moreover, give…

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Helpful SEO tips dice on black pattern

Local SEO Tips To Win Organic Search

If you have spent any time researching digital marketing, you know there are thousands of articles promoting the latest local SEO tips. It’s easy to get lost in the technical jargon and back and forth about who is right and who is wrong. Suppose you found your way to this article. In that case, you…

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Google’s Page Speed Update

In 2018 Google started using page speed or the time that it takes for your website to load on a mobile device as a ranking factor. In other words, the faster your website loads, the higher it will rank on Google’s search results. In this article, we will show you how to check your mobile…

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5 gold stars SEO rating with hand clicking on the last star

Top SEO Companies

If you have a blog on your Houston, TX, business website, you know the importance of business blogging. Top SEO companies in and around Houston know how important blogging is. Your business blog has tremendous SEO benefits and can attract high-quality leads to your website. But wait…none of that is happening in your case. You…

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SEO Houston Texas Rise To The Top

The question is how to rise to the top of the search results in Houston, Texas? To answer that question, one must first ask a second question; When it comes to website optimization, what makes Houston unique. There is a lot to unpack when answering that question but start with this. Where do you live?…

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Man holding SEO services sign

SEO Service Provider

If you own a service & repair business, you know how important it is to reach out to more customers. You are good at doing the work but will only stand out if you or your SEO service provider use the right marketing tactics. A glance at a local business directory or online listings will…

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Hand pointing to content marketing sign

Content Marketing Local Digital Marketing

More than 78% of businesses planed to increase their content marketing budget in 2017. This is according to a recent survey by the Construction Marketing Association. Which means they will be producing even more content this year. And why not? It’s an effective yet inexpensive way to market your local business. However, with tons of…

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Woman pointing to online marketing digital board

Online Advertising Questions & Answers

Is your business suffering because of an economic swing or increased competition? If yes, you’re probably thinking about lowering your prices or spending more money on online advertising. Blindly following either one of these strategies will not work. As far as price goes, you will always be able to find an online marketing agency willing…

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Woman pointing to social media marketing icons

Social Media Marketing

Not too long ago, SEO agencies focused almost all their time on search engine marketing. Those days are long gone, and Houston internet marketing agencies and local businesses are jumping on the social media marketing train by the thousand. With each passing day, the importance of social media marketing for local companies becomes increasingly essential.

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Local web designer working on a website

Web Designer Homepage Mistakes

Five common mistakes a web designer makes on the “home page.” Your homepage is the first thing your visitors see, so how can you make sure their experience is flawless? Start by reading these five local web design tips on how to optimize your home page web design. And how a great web designer uses…

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Thief holding your wallet

Business Credibility Guide

After Hurricane Harvey, many Houston neighborhoods have been witnessing an influx of the so-called “storm chasers”. Some of them are shady contractors looking to make quick money off local residents desperate to rebuild their homes quickly. In fact, contractor scams are an unfortunate trend that follows most disasters. There are too many stories of how…

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WordPress logo on desktop computer screen

Houston Web Design

There is a good reason most local marketing companies that provide web design in Houston use WordPress. First, we live in a world without paper records. Instead, everything from writing a personal letter to conducting a business meeting online. Online and right in the comfort of your office or even the living room. In many…

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Local SEO sign graphic on mobile phone

Ultimate Woodlands TX Local SEO Guide

SEO in The Woodlands is more than just showing up #1 in the search results when someone types in “your service” Woodlands, TX because The Woodlands is just far enough away from Houston. And large enough to have its own community identity. Like Katy, in that matter, your Woodlands Texas business needs a unique brand…

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Two feet on arrow in concrete

Houston TX Local SEO Guide

See how the pros do it with this comprehensive Houston SEO Guide—starting at the very beginning of the planning phase. After that, making the right calls on keywords and target areas. Then, going into details about sizing up your competition, starting a citation building campaign, and much more. This comprehensive guide covers everything from a-z.

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Man writing in SEO journal

Need To Know About Local SEO Services

This article covers why local businesses need search engine optimization and what they should expect from a local SEO service provider. Starting with what your potential clients are looking for and how they are looking. Then, how your webmaster or local SEO should be managing your website and your online marketing campaign. Moreover, how they…

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Woman drawing local business website cartoon.

Business Website

If it has been a while since you last updated your website, then it is time to give it a close look. Your business website is your 21st Century store. Like a traditional store, your website seeks to attract, retain, and convert visitors into loyal buyers. The problem is that people need a reason to…

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Digital online marketing cartoon table

Social Media Online Marketing

Social media online marketing, it’s the new way to connect with people. Because it’s hard to take our eyes off those interesting feeds and updates. Thanks to the inception of mobile phones, we can now get on Facebook, Twitter, or any social media platform. Doing so without hauling a PC around the shopping mall. According…

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SEO company work table with computer

Content Search Engine Optimization

Seven proven search engine optimization strategies local businesses need to know—first mobile website optimization. Then, user experience and staying one step ahead of those chasing you. Onto content creation, keyword planning, content diversification, and, last but not least social media marketing.

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SEO dice

Do SEO Services Work

She is making a case for and against SEO, starting with the argument that it is just too hard and impossible to keep up. In contrast, the rewards can be astronomical! Then, how much is too much. Because not following the rules can be devastating. In this article, we have done the homework and will…

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Laptop showing local search engine rankings security screen.

Local Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings: How the search engines decide what websites rank and in what order? The answer to this question always leads back to customer experience, but how is this measured? And how can you make sure your website is functioning correctly? This article will cover all of this and more, including the difference between…

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Local SEO essentials map

Local SEO Essentials

When it comes to getting more customers, more and more businesses are focusing on local SEO essentials. Because getting local website optimization “right” is the foundation for broadcasting their products and services. Because higher-ranking not only makes your website more prominent and gives you a better chance to stand out among competitors. So what are…

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Woman standing in front of blogging art board

What Blogging Can Do

Blog is a widely used word. Whether you are online or offline, the word “blog” can pop up in almost any conversation. Does “A blog I’ve been following recently posted X …” sound familiar at all? What about “I have a friend who blogs about…”? The frequency of us using the word “blog” should not…

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Men standing in front of SEO web design key

SEO Website Design Headline Writing

The race is on; what are you giving to your website visitor in exchange for their time? The answer to this question lies in the headlines you write. Great SEO website design starts with a compelling headline. Do your headlines give people a reason to stay? We will cover three crucial headline writing techniques to…

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Brand marketing phrases sign

Marketing For Local Businesses

Being able to promote your Houston TX local business with any kind of event is going to be extremely good for your business marketing. You have to think of the many advantages that this brings and how easily you can gain brand recognition and customer loyalty. In this article we are going to talk about…

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Man drawing social media graphic in sky

Hit or Miss Social Media Marketing

Among all the online marketing methods used today, social media marketing seems to be the least popular. Many marketing experts say that SMM (social media marketing) carries with it too many risks for it to be viable. We think that statement is both right and wrong. If done correctly, SMM can be quite the giver.…

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Internet properties logos

Social Media Brand Marketing

There is no question that we are living in very exciting times when it comes to brand marketing & technology. We are now able to do much more when we work. And this has changed the pace of the corporate world. There are many advantages to technology that will help your brand marketing to work…

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Two woman giving presentation on laptop

SEO Marketing In Houston TX

Never rely on free blogs and social media alone. You should always have your own domain name. Because this is going to allow you to get the best results. Remember that you will always have total control over what happens to your own domain name. This is not the case when you rely on a…

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Man holding online marketing phone

Houston Marketing Making Them Happy

One, two, three smiles for the camera, smile for Houston marketing camera. And give three cheers to a great marketing strategy that makes you and your clients say, “Cheese!” When planning for your business after your website’s big launch, getting sales, not visitors, should be the next priority. “But what about organic traffic and website…

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3d pen on virtual screen

Search Engine Marketing

You have a website, a domain, and a great offer. The only thing you need is customers. As the days pass, you notice that what you thought was a great search engine marketing plan could be better. Your website feels like a ghost town. There are no readers, only you and your lonely blog posts.…

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Computer screen with advertising on it

Houston Online Advertising Trends

Small businesses that are seeking to further their online advertising efforts in 2015 should do some research before paying another penny. Why? Because SEO is constantly changing. New updates and trends are released all the time. If you are a local business in Houston and have little clue about the ruling online advertising strategies, your…

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Hand holding digital advertising mobile phone

Top Houston Website Design Company

Who is the top website design company in Houston? Of course, we have our opinion (it’s us), but this article is about making an outstanding local business website. Is it aesthetics or search engine ranking, because a great looking website that no one sees is useless. In contrast, a website that does not provide a…

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Internet call to action spelled out on computer screen

Digital Marketing Call to Action

A company that has developed a great market visibility and gained a lot of followers is often said to have a successful digital marketing strategy. After all, Houston internet marketing services is all about raising brand awareness and showcasing your company to the world, right? Not really. That’s only half of the story. If you…

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Couple taking a social media selfie

Social Media Marketing Plan

With so many social media platforms out there, it is both unreasonable and impossible to tackle each platform with the same precision and professionalism. Because each social media platform is different and has their unique marketing style. Twitter, for example, allows you to tweet around 120-130 characters. Pinterest is a great place to share Info-graphics…

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